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This is a site designated to raising awareness on key hidden secrets to important subjects in life that are right under our noses.  We are living in the most interesting times in recorded history. The greatest possibilities now seem realistic and the greatest opportunities are available to everyone.


We live in times where what was once impossible is now possible. Every day brings new discoveries that further our intellect as a species on this planet. With technology such as TV, cell phones, and cars we have the ability to do things that people only dreamed of only a century ago. New movies are created on  a regular basis, fast food restaurants are on every corner of every city, and you can get just about anything you want from around the world shipped right to your door step. With all of the convenience we’ve created in are society, why is it that we’re still not happy?


With all of our technological advancements we all still sense that something just isn’t right. So many aspects in life have been “improved” but we still face more problems than ever before. Today there are so many rules and laws that it’s almost impossible for even the most benevolent of people break laws from time to time. We’re destroying our planet by polluting the soil, air, and water with our advances of technology to the point that our lifestyle as we know it is unsustainable.



We’re more busy than ever before and more disconnected than ever before. Somewhere along the lines we went too far passed up rationality. Have we become too smart for our own good? Are we the master to our technology or a slave to it?

The truth has been purposely hidden from us and new technology and entertainment has been shoved down our throats to make us happy and shut us up. There are serious major wold events going on behind the scenes. Meanwhile, the public’s attention is focused on meaningless mind-numbing entertainment.



On a daily basis more and more people are waking up and realizing that we’ve been lied to and REAL change is needed. The change that needs to take place will come from within.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  -Ghandi

The purpose of this site is to spread awareness of the truth on the important subjects in life that has been suppressed and ignored. It is dedicated to the people who want the most out of life and are able to change themselves in order to get it. Here you will find truths that will change your paradigm and empower you to empower others.

Be inspired, be enlightened, and be empowered…

Welcome to The Awareness Revolution!

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This website is a knowledge base and support group for those who choose to become a part of the solution to the unacceptable system of today's world. The Awareness Revolution movement is quite possibly the last stand for humanity against the powerful elite who have chosen to exploit the world and its creatures at any cost. Welcome and Be Empowered!